The database last update: June 4, 2022

A database (DB) on inorganic crystals with significant acoustooptical, electrooptical and nonlinear optical properties contains the following information on the most important substances of this class as evaluated by the best experts of Russia: homogeneity region of compound, type of melting and melting point, Curie point, solubility, crystal system, space and point group, Z, lattice parameters, heat capacity, hardness, density, transparency band, refractive indices, thermal conductivity, electrooptical, elastooptical, nonlinear optical, elastic, piezoelectric, piezoelectric coupling, thermal expansion, and acoustooptical coefficients, dielectric constants and losses, elastic wave velocity and attenuation , etc. The DB includes detailed analytical reviews for each substance that reflect the extent of investigation of the compound. In addition, the database includes extensive graphical information about the properties of the substances. At present the data on several tens of the substances are stored in this database. Updating of the database is carried out every month.

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